Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t the configuration profile signed?

Simply because we can’t vouch for the correctnes of the data which is included in the QR code. Before installing configuration profiles, you should check if the source of that profile is trustworthy since these can change a large number of settings on your phone. However, the profile generated by WiFiQonnector only affect the password of the accordings WiFi. You can see the WiFi name and its encryption type in the interface, and you can check the affected settings in the Settings app which opens after tapping the Connect button.

What settings are configured with that profile?

We only configure the according WiFi access credentials. We don’t change any networking parameters, as you can check in the panel that opens after tapping on the connect button.

Do you store the credentials somewhere?

No. The profile is generated from the data stored in the QR code. We do not save this information, nor do we transmit it to anybody else.